Governor uses brief to blame teachers, one more time.

News Date: 06 October, 2015

Charles Bowyer, executive director of the National Education Association-New Mexico, said Monday that he thinks the governor’s Supreme Court brief is politically motivated. here for more

Government in New Mexico is at an ethics tipping point

News Date: 18 September, 2015

Executive Director Charles Bowyer, in an editorial appearing in publications across the state, says, “The Public Education Department claimed certain “facts” about our public schools they could not prove, and which they used to deceive the Legislature and the public to support their seriously flawed teacher evaluation system. Rather than contritely admitting they made false claims, that agency responded by attacking the group that brought forth the public-interest action, the National Education Association-New Mexico.” here for more

Our View: Break the Law? Pay the Price.

News Date: 17 September, 2015

A district judge’s decision to award $14,071 in attorney fees over a stalled open records request should put all public officials on notice. The decision came as a result of state Public Education Department officials failing to respond to a public records request over statewide teacher evaluations. District Court Judge Sarah Singleton made the right call. here for more

A state district court awarded the NEA-NM money for legal fees, totaling $14,071.31 from the Public Education Department

News Date: 09 September, 2015

“Is our government meant to be only ‘open’ for the wealthy who can afford to pay their own legal expenses to obtain Court rulings against agencies who fail to comply with the Inspection of Public Records Act?” NEA-NM President Betty Paterson asked. here for more

NEA-New Mexico Wins First Round In Lawsuit Over Teacher Evaluations

News Date: 11 August, 2015

First District Judge Francis Mathew ruled against the New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) in its attempt to dismiss a lawsuit brought by the National Education Association- New Mexico (NEA-NM). here for more

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Electronic Voting Closes. Deadline for request of Paper Ballot.

Event Date: 19 February, 2016 here for more

Deadline for receipt of Paper Ballot

Event Date: 26 February, 2016 here for more

Ballots Tallied!

Event Date: 27 February, 2016 here for more