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NEA NM quick poll

What issue is of greatest concern to you as an NEA-NM member?

Educators Vote Early!

News Date: 15 October, 2014

The 2014 General Election is already happening. Thousands of educators, school staff, parents, and community members are expected to vote throughout the state on October 22 as part of The National Education Association – New Mexico’s Educators Vote Early campaign. You can continue voting early right through November 1. .....click here for more

NEA’s Degrees Not Debt Campaign Week of Action (November 10-18, 2014)

News Date: 15 October, 2014

In June 2014, the RA passed a New Business Item to endorse the NEA Degrees Not Debt Campaign and to execute a Week of Action this fall to elevate the issue of student debt and college affordability. .....click here for more

Stand with Our Colleagues in Philadelphia.

News Date: 14 October, 2014

Last week, Philadelphia's state-controlled School Reform Commission (SRC) executed what can only be described as a sneak attack on teachers, and it demands a strong response from everyone who cares about teachers and their students. .....click here for more

NEA-New Mexico Wins Major Teacher Due Process Case!

News Date: 03 October, 2014

NEA-New Mexico has won a major a major precedent-setting case involving teacher due process. The Supreme Court has allowed an Appeals Court ruling to stand, affirming NEA-New Mexico’s long standing contention that teachers receive full due process rights when they sign a third contract after working two full contract years. .....click here for more

NEA-New Mexico Files Suit Against NM PED

News Date: 01 October, 2014

NEA-NEW MEXICO FILES SUIT – ASKS COURT TO END ILLEGAL TEACHER EVALUATION PROCESS The National Education Association – New Mexico has filed a lawsuit charging that Governor Martinez, State Education Secretary-Designate Hanna Skandera, and the Public Education Department have overstepped their authority in implementing a statewide teacher evaluation process in violation of existing state law. .....click here for more

NEA National News

Voter Registration Ends & Early Voting Begins

Event Date: 03 October, 2014

.....click here for more

Columbus Day

Event Date: 13 October, 2014

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National Boss' Day

Event Date: 16 October, 2014

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